We can cater for parties of from 70 to 400 people. A whole hog will feed between 100 – 150 people. However, we have catered for larger events of 1,400 people, so for more specific information and to see what we can do for you, please feel free to contact us.


We currently have four mobile split roaster units available - Please contact us for availability.


All hogs are bought from local farms, with many coming from the local agricultural college at Glynllifon.

No growth promoters are used in the hogs, meaning no antibiotics, no additives and no genetically modified foods are involved. All hogs are housed on deep straw – no crates or stalls or slats.

We can cook the pig with or without its head, based on your preference.
As well as pig, we can provide equally delicious lamb cooked in the asado style as well as topside of beef.


The process of roasting a whole hog takes up to eight hours, and has to be watched for the whole period. The hog is roasted at our premises, and is transported in our purpose built mobile spit roaster to your feast.


We provide everything you need to make your feast a success, depending on your own individual requirements. We can provide the feast with apple sauce and stuffing in fresh baps. We also provide plates, serviettes and cutlery.


Our costs are inclusive of:

  • The cooked hog
  • The provision and transportation of our equipment to and from your event
  • The provision of 2 caterers to cook and carve your meat
  • The setup and clearing away of our equipment
  • Paper plates (porcelain plates are available for an additional 10 pence a plate)
  • Salads can be provided at £3 a head (we have 6 varieties of salads of which you can choose 4 to have at your event.)

As well as pig, we can provide equally delicious lamb cooked in the asado style as well as topside of beef.


To view our current prices, click here.

No – We will cook and serve anywhere! Be that in a street, house, garden, field, village hall, marquee, beach – in fact, we have even served on a train! No services are required and no mess is left behind.


We bring our own cooking area cover - for those extremely 'rare' rainy days!


We cover the majority of North Wales; please contact us for more details.