Our Prices

To ensure that our customers get the best value for their money, prices may fluctuate as the market changes. However, here’s a list of our current prices.

Hog Price Per Hog
½ from £350
1 from £550
Orders for 1½ + hogs can be provided Contact us for special prices

Our costs are inclusive of:

  • The cooked hog
  • The provision and transportation of our equipment to and from your event
  • The provision of 2 caterers to cook and carve your meat
  • The setup and clearing away of our equipment
  • Paper plates (porcelain plates are available for an additional 10 pence a plate)
  • Salads can be provided at £3 a head (we have 6 varieties of salads of which you can choose 4 to have at your event.)

We can cook the pig with or without its head, based on your preference.

As well as pig, we can provide equally delicious lamb cooked in the asado style as well as topside of beef.

This can vary slightly depending on location/requirements and so to ensure that you are quoted the best price possible, we strongly recommend that you contact us for a quotation.